Do this one thing for yourself

You feel like life isn’t stopping anytime soon.
Who are you anymore, anyway?

You're fine juggling things but you'd really appreciate a break - and a change of scenery.

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Imagine a place you can go where you don’t have to answer to anyone. Where you can take a brief pause for yourself from your hectic world and listen to your inner voice, or have some solo time.

Maybe you are…

  • a dedicated, hard working entrepreneur
  • a mom with a hectic family life
  • someone caring for an elderly relative with few breaks
  • you feel unhappy, but you’re not sure what to do next or where to go from where you are now
  • or, maybe you want to get away from the people you see everyday (we’ve all been there)

Come to Maheegan Retreats.

A place to step back, treat yourself.

You are in control of your time. You can shut off and have some peaceful, undisturbed moments to relax. There are no obligations and no one to answer to but yourself. This is the essence of this space.

Make no mistake; this isn't an 'escape'. You’re not 'checking out'. It's an intentional safe space, allowing you to regroup and attend to yourself for a little while.

A change of scenery.

Your participation in this space (and how you use it) is entirely voluntary.

Come as you are: Direct from the office? Sure thing. In sports clothes to go for a walk or jog? No worries!

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"I know Jody as a hostess in the hospitality industry; always spontaneous and open for a chat. Genuinely interested in who you are and what you do. And on top of that a lot of knowledge in the kitchen!"
- Y.Z, teacher

"Jody's vision of creating a daily women's wellness/retreat centre I support wholeheartedly. Spending time with Jody makes me feel grounded and supported, it will be great when many more  [busy or at times overwhelmed] women will benefit from her new project/community/retreat."
- M.S. Money Mindset and Walking Coaching


A concept turned reality?

This is an idea I’ve had for a long time that I believe in and I’m really excited about. I’ve got a big vision and I’m eager to build it up and make it a permanent reality - a women's retreat centre (a sanctuary, really) in the woods, surrounded by peacefulness.

Nature trails. A garden on site that anyone can work on. You walk inside to the smell of fresh-baked bread (food will be organic when possible and created or curated by myself). You see a couple women chatting over tea. You spot a large, white comfy chair in the corner with a soft blanket that’s got your name on it.

A space (inside and outside) that holds you when you need to be held.
I want to rewrite the way we see and participate in self care.

It’ll be a safe place for women to come and heal in short-term stays; half a day, a day, and when a permanent location allows, 2-3 days. Reserving ahead and short-notice will both be accepted (if you’re frazzled now, I want you to have respite now, not when you have to schedule 3 months ahead).

Accessible in both time and geographic location (even for those by public transit).

For now, only through the newsletter will you see the centre’s evolution and get access to the sanctuary info, dates and location(s), so be sure to sign up below!

And I need your help!

I see this as a group or community project.
I’m looking for locations and involvement.

Have a space or property in mind for the sanctuary? I'm searching for locations to help get this off the ground and would appreciate hearing from you.

  • Perhaps an old property that isn't being used right now and you'd like to gain a little bit of rent from it
  • Or someone with a second house that is willing to rent it out while not in use
  • Think outside the box; I'll take all suggestions (Note: it must be easily accessible, even by public transit)

Above all, if you believe this is a worthwhile cause and you would like to participate or collaborate, please contact me. Let’s have a conversation. ☕ You must live in the Netherlands since this is a local project.

(If you’ve studied or taken Theory U/, you are especially invited to come talk and collaborate.)

(If you know the Working Genius model, it’d be more beneficial if you are an G, E or T.)

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Sign up to learn more about Maheegan Retreats.

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Who am I?

I’m Jody; a Gen-X’er with a history in health care, food, nutrition, (business) healthy organisations, and transformational coaching. I am also trauma-informed (having done some studies plus my own work), am certified in NLP, and have taken an intro course in biomimicry (though I’d love to learn more).

I've taken up coffee as a hobby and primarily do slow coffee, so you'll definitely get your hands on a nice brew. ☕

I love hosting, bringing people together, and having insightful conversations.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”
~ Viktor Frankl